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The barefoot shoe with extra light grip sole for maximum grip and maximum control in every application area.

The V1 models by Ballop are characterized by an even thinner anti-slip sole than many other barefoot shoes. Maximum control and perfect barefoot performance are the result of the uncompromising ultralight design.

The foot muscles are effectively trained - you will discover abilities you have never trusted. A new world for your feet and carefree barefoot in any environment.

The anti-slip sole provides a secure hold, even on wet ground.

In fitness training, water sports, or simply on the beach and on holiday - the Ballop V1 will be your favorite shoe.

Freedom and a sense of running, as nature has given us.

The V1 is perfect for water sports, as it transmits every little movement of the sports equipment to the body - and, of course, vice versa.

Whether for kiteboarding, windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding or kayaking or sailing - the Ballop V1 is the first choice.

  • Lightweight barefoot shoe: only 68g
  • Ideal for all kinds of sports: fitness and indoor, as well as walking, hiking and outdoor
  • Perfect for water sports and beach
  • Fast drying and suitable for water sports and swimming
  • Gives your foot the superior co-ordinate and unwinding properties and protects it at the same time

Ballop V1 Skin Shoe Sizing Information 

Adult Unisex Size *Inner Sole Length UK/SA Size Euro Size       US Size           
XS 220 mm 2.5 ~ 3 35.5  5 ~ 5.5
S 230 mm 3.5 ~ 4  36.5 6~6.5
M 240 mm 4.5 ~ 5.5 37 ~ 38 7 ~ 8
L 250 mm 5.5 ~ 6.5 38.5 ~ 39.5 8.5 ~ 9
XL 260 mm 40 ~ 41 9.5 ~ 10
2XL 270 mm 8 41.5 ~ 42.5 10 ~ 10.5



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