Skin shoes launched in SA

Launched in the USA and Europe last year, the skin shoe has taken the active market by storm. Users looking for ‘the barefoot freedom’ can now purchase the 68g Ultra light spandex shoe that features an anti slip outsole in various colours and designs.Entrepreneur and ex corporate business executive Kathy Scoble says “ Our Actos skin shoes enjoy sensational popularity overseas due to their multi functionality across many sports and activities.” She lists Pilates, aquarobics, strength training, windsurfing, yoga and beach volleyball as some of its versatile uses.

“Those looking for the ultimate in comfort and convenience while giving the feeling of being barefoot need look no further and we expect every second pair of feet to be adorned with these stunning shoes” says Scoble. Actos Skin shoes are produced in Korea with not only comfort in mind. Benefits listed include correcting posture by distributing body weight to the entire foot as well as providing natural acupressure. By wearing a skin shoe, vitality is given to the entire foot exercising soles and toe joints.